The Call to Work Course is a workshop-based experience, guiding participants to leverage the truth of Scripture to help them in their daily work - bringing them more of God’s purpose, wisdom, peace and power.

The Course helps people with the things that keep them up at night:

a difficult decision, a bad boss, an ethical dilemma, issues juggling work with other priorities, etc.

The Course offers frameworks, tools and an effective forum for people to practice putting Scriptural wisdom into action,

improving the way they see and respond to their specific situations.

The Course facilitates habit and eventually character formation towards Christlikeness:

via the observation of current response patterns and the intentional practice of more Christlike responses to everyday situations.  

How it works

  • The advocate

    Identifies and engages a champion.

  • The champion (1-3 people)

    Identifies and engages 2-20 potential leaders*

    Potential leaders participate in The Call to Work Course, progressing to the next offering at their discretion:

           One session Taste

            Four session Foundations Module

            Six session Practice Module

    Champion identifies and engages at least one Director

    *Selection of Leadership Team members is ideally done with input from pastor/other church leadership

  • THE director (1-2 people)

    •  Works with the Champion to determine and carry out next steps

    •  Develops the Leadership Team*

    *The Leadership Team includes Champions, Directors and other Facilitators

  • THe leadership team

    Recieves training and facilitates small groups spawned from the Course and/or facilitates new Courses

      Gathers feedback and makes recommendations on next steps

      Dialogues with church leadership for guidance and to share insights