God has so much to offer in our daily work lives.

Meaning and significance, even in the mundane

Peace and patience as we handle difficult relationships and situations

Wisdom and strength as we go through our everyday challenges

Hope and perseverance as we seek to promote justice and flourishing

Direction and guidance as we seek to perform any aspect of our work well

Enhanced decision-making and interpersonal skills as we take on the character of Christ

The Call to Work seeks to catalyze a bigger, all of life, fullness of life vision for following Jesus, including in our daily work.

What is The Call to Work Course?

The Call to Work Course is a workshop-based experience teaching participants to integrate their faith into their daily, hour-by-hour work situations. Participants learn and practice powerful tools to help them work through a wide range of current work challenges covering everything from difficult bosses to work-life balance to career transitions. The full Course includes both the Foundations Module, typically comprised of four 2-hour workshops, and the Practice Module, typically comprised of six, 2-hour workshops.

What is The Call to Work Leadership Training?

The Call to Work Leadership Training identifies, engages and equips a team of primarily non-staff leaders within a local church to facilitate a transformative Course experience, and to continue to cultivate spiritual growth leaders for their local church.

Interested in bringing The Call to Work back to your church?

Email us at info@thecalltowork.org